It is now official, my biggest print design (so far)!But Lets take things from start...

As part of the England 2016 Euro 'Together for England' campaign I've been assigned to create a massive print asset to be used on Wembley Stadium for the friendly match between England and Turkey which took place on 22 May 2016. This huge banner needed to cover the lower West stand side of Wembley's, and be printed in the size of 55 meters width by 10 meters height!

As a designer's common sense I've set my Photoshop canvas according to a percentage of 1/10 and worked on a 300dpi. Even though the size was reduced (5.5 meters by 1 meter height) the file was still huge and required a lot of horsepower from my machine, which in some cases was really struggling (blame Photoshop CC here). The final editable psd file was just below 20gb, a personal record for a single file! One more reason behind all these gigabytes was because the file contained some complex layer combinations and effects.

Finally, the end physical piece was very impressive as it fitted to the whole game’s atmosphere and drew a lot of attention from fans and media. Once again, I feel privileged to have been given the opportunity to work on such interesting and creative project.

I did not claim full credits from this work as the idea/look and feel was based on the 'Together for England' 2016 campaign. Also, I want to thank Claire Cooper for all the assistance on the execution of this demanding task.

Images from Getty.