October’s Youth Tournament is a football tournament for kids aged 7-12. The brief for this project was to create visual language, a logo and promotional materials in order to advertise the tournament to a wide target audience in a fun and friendly way.

Inspiration for the logo derived from a combination of the letter “O” from October, a football, a running motion, and football boots. Merging these elements into a simple shape was done via a geometric approach. The wording “October’s Youth Tournament” was placed alongside the title so that the logo can work as part of the brand but independently if need be.

An additional requirement for this project was to design a t-shirt to promote the tournament. Using the same inspiration found in the logo, other features were used in order to create an eye-catching and original design that filled most of the front of the t-shirt. The word ‘YOUTH’ was designed using the same geometric treatment used for the logo, thus making the logo look part of the same theme used on the t-shirts. Examples can be seen with the letter “Y” inspired by football boot laces, “O” inspired by a stopwatch, “U” inspired by a referee holding up a yellow and red card, “T” inspired by the winner’s trophy, and “H” represented by two goals mirroring each other.

All of these designs were put forward with vivid colours making the t-shirt stand out and thus suitable for purpose.