The task was to create a brand ID for a product so that it can be advertised through different methods and be effective on selected target audiences. The product in question was a natural energy drink which due to a broad market required specialist designing so that advertisement was persuasive and informative. One of the targets was to find different ways of branding the product so that it could appeal to people with health awareness, who need an energy boost throughout their day. Therefore, the designing process required examination of how different advertising techniques affected different consumers. Factors such as gender and age were considered, for example.

What was vital in establishing first was the theme of ‘natural energy’, in which the product prides itself upon. Therefore, highlighting the way the product gives the consumer energy – through naturally occurring vitamins and minerals – was essential when designing the whole brand.

The brand ID had to work off the consumer as much as the company advertised itself. In simpler terms the consumer had to be comfortable holding a can, for example, of the product without feeling uncomfortable that the brand was not suitable for them.

The naming of the product ‘7 seconds’ referred to the way the first 7 seconds of drinking the product gave the consumer a new purer life. With this in mind a specific logotype was designed based on a condensed typeface, with circular edges blended with well-known fruit in a simple but effective way. From here each aspect of the design was considered in the same way with each factor putting forward visual language and conveying healthy and natural messages.

The design of the product was inspired by a mixture of juice drinks and energy drinks. The use of fruit in the title put forward the idea it was a fruit juice drink but the bright background fitted more alongside an energy drink branding, highlighting it from other products.

The first person images that seem to be within the bottle extends the drink to the individual and forces the consumer to see a new aspect of themselves. Namely that they have already begun their ‘7 seconds’ of a new and pure life.