I was assigned to create a new plinth design to be used for The FA Cup matches starting from 2016. This new design should follow The FA Cup brand’s guidelines, be consistent with all the other brand elements and used in two different occasions. Initially a smaller and lighter version to hold the Nike ordem, official FA Cup ball, and a second plinth to hold The FA Cup at Wembley’s Final. The two plinths should reflect the competition’s quality and history as well as to blend with their environment and be practical in usage.

The two plinths share the same form which is inspired by The FA Cup brand dynamic elements. This bespoke form acts as a complimentary base for each object. In a more prestigious way The FA Cup plinth is solid and discreet enough in order to emphasise more the trophy of the oldest football tournament in the world. The two plinths used under different colour palettes following the tournament’s and final’s day look and feel.

My design was also featured in EA Sports, FIFA17 video game at The FA Cup final at Wembley.

FIFA17 Images: EA Sports, The FA Cup FInal 2016 Images: Getty, Blue print visuals: Neil Maximin