As a leading National Governing Body in sport with aspirations to deliver a world-class programme The FA was looking to create a brand, in line with the introduction on the new-tiered system that stakeholders can identify with The FA Girl’s Talent Pathway.

The brief was to create a logo bespoke to the design department appropriate for a female talent pathway. The logo would need to incorporate additional text to the right hand to distinguish between different areas of the programme. We would like to incorporate a brand template that has the logo that allows for personalization by The FA and can be used on different promotional networks.

The basic idea was to merge two geometric shapes in a dynamic way to reflect female football. The two selected shapes-icons were the pyramid-triangle that represents the development diagram of England Girls Talent Pathway, and the circle-foot ball which is the sport’s most easily recognizable icon.

The two blended in a dynamic way alongside with a bold typography having the word Girls’ slanted so the dynamic element can be consistent between icon and typography.

A distinct colour palette was chosen to reflect-represent the target audience (female football players) and also to work in harmony next to The FA crest.