In order to secure key listings Wembley Connected by EE required a 2015 calendar that highlighted all of their high profile events to major media editors. The purpose of this calendar was to communicate with the correct people in media so that maximum popularity was met for Wembley’s largest events.
A physical copy of the calendar was sent alongside an invite to key media opportunities. Moreover, when new events were booked for Wembley a new month was sent to the correct individuals/ organisations. The objective was to keep Wembley at the forefront for reviews, listings and other features. Therefore, in order to get the highest quality listings and reviews the calendar was designed to be a premium product that reflected the professionalism within Wembley’s character.

The initial idea for the calendar was to be simple yet creative. Meaning that the calendar did not draw away from key events and that the events were foregrounded within the calendar. My first task was to create visuals for the two The FA Cup Semi Finals, The FA Cup Final itself, and a contribution to the AC/DC concert which lead to the illustration of the ‘devil horns’ commonly associated with rock music. The remainder of the calendar pages-dates were created by The FA Design Studio 2015.

Credits to Mason Brownlow and Claire Cooper for the direction and production of the project.